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Hi, I'm Amanda, your meditation teacher.
And I've got a message for you:
You can meditate. You don't have to have a special kind of brain, or personality. Anyone can do it. It's not necessarily easy, but then nothing worth doing is easy at first, right? And just like all hard things you've done before, you will improve with practice. Having a supportive teacher helps, and I've helped a lot of people just like you. People who thought that their minds were just too busy, or thought that they just didn't have enough time. They could, and so can you. 


Imagine being at peace with your mind. Imagine what it would feel like to be filled with positive thoughts, and to be able to quiet your worries. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But there's a reason that these practices have been around for centuries. And now science is proving what mystics have always known.

Your brain has wired itself for stress, and you can literally rewire it to be more calm. It's not as easy as taking a pill, but the good news is that there's virtually no negaitve side-effects to meditation. 

So maybe you're saying, "ok, this sounds great, but where do I start?" That's where I come in! I've combined proven psychological evidence with meditation practices from many backgrounds and come up with specialized plans to help you use meditation to tackle real life problems. I call them MEDITATION PRESCRIPTIONS.

For example, do you have anxiety? So many of my students have struggled with this. The prescription I've designed is a 4-week course with recorded meditations, practices and journaling prompts that will directly work with your anxiety. And, these practices are designed to build on one another. They start simple and then gently introduce more challenging practices. 

By the end of the four weeks, you will have a whole new set of tools to deal more effectively with your anxiety. 

In addition to anxiety there's also prescriptions for SLEEP, GRIEF, ANGER, SELF-LOVE and more. And there's also a couple freebies you can go ahead and download right now! Go ahead and take a look around. Your peace awaits.  

Hear what others are saying...

Amanda is a wonderful meditation teacher. I took the workshop on sleep and it was super helpful. For anyone looking to recharge your meditation practice and add in some self-love to boot, this is for you. Enjoy!!
Jacque Saltzman

Amanda O'Bryan, PhD

Amanda is trained in several meditation modalities, including Mindfulness, Koru, Vipassana, Guided Visualization and Mantra. She is a certified Wellness Coach and holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology.