31 day meditation challenge by Amanda O'Bryan

31 day meditation challenge

Weekly guided meditations and lessons. A program that builds on itself to a create a sustainable daily meditation practice.

Create a Daily Practice

Consistent meditation is the key to seeing the results that we always hear about. Whether it's reducing anxiety, better sleep or a deeper connection with self and spirit, meditation can bring you these things but only if you are willing to commit to a daily practice. 

For so many of my students, they love to meditate, but practicing every day is the place where they get stuck. I designed this course to guide you through all of the obstacles that might encounter. After the 31 days, you will feel more confident in your skills, and empowered to practice on your own.

Each week, the practices build on each other. Beginning with a short and sweet five-minute breath practice, and ending with a 20-minute guided joy practice. 

After completing this work, you will have a deeper understanding of the practice of meditation, and you'll be armed with all sorts of tools and resources to support you. 

Over the duration of the course, you'll learn about great books and apps that will help you. You'll learn how to set up a space to practice, and when is the best time. And you'll learn about the five things that keep us from practicing and what to do about them. 

What's included?

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Welcome to the Challenge!
First things first!
Week One Practice : Breath
Practice 1: The Breath
11 mins
Creating Sacred Space
How to create a meditation space in your home
Setting Intentions
Setting an Intention for Your Practice
Week Two Practice : Mantra
Practice 2: Mantra
13 mins
The Five Hindrances to Practice
Obstacles to your Practice
When Should You Practice?
What time of day is best for meditation?
Week Three Practice : Focused Attention
Your Third Practice: Focused Attention
12 mins
The Benefits of Meditation
The many benefits of meditation
My Top Five Favorite Meditation Books
My favorite meditation books
Week Four Practice: Open Awareness
Open Awareness
20 mins
My Favorite Meditation Apps
My five favorite meditation apps
How Your Practice Changes Over Time
Your practice will change with time
Bonus Practice!
Sympathetic Joy
21 mins


Is this course only for beginners?

No. Many of my students who have been meditating for a long time still struggle with maintaining a daily practice. I designed this course specifically to address some of the ways that we struggle, and offer support for that. 

Do I have access to the whole course right away?

Yes, once you purchase, the entire course will be open. You can work through it at your own pace, or skip around. 

How long do I have the course?

You will have access through Podia as long as the course is available. I can't guarantee that will be forever, but you can download any of the recordings to keep, and save course materials to your computer. 

Can I contact you if I have questions?

Yes! I am your teacher, and even though this course is self-paced, I still see myself as here to help you. Please reach out if you have any questions at all. amandaobryanwellness@gmail.com
If you are having technical difficulties with the platform, Podia is very quick to respond and has excellent customer service.