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Anger can offer us insight into ourselves. 
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A protocol to transform anger

We all have anger, and the purpose of this course is not to erase or get rid of it. In fact, the practice taught here is to honor the wisdom that lies in our anger. 

When we are in the throes of anger, we cannot see clearly, and we often act in ways that don't make us proud. 

The truth of anger is that underneath it lies fear or hurt. Anger is a protector, like a big brother, making us feel big and strong. It's purpose is to protect, but when we let our anger get the best of us, we may find that we've hurt someone, or caused harm in some way. 
In this course, you will learn a step by step approach to transform your anger. 

What is included?

This course is designed to be done in four weeks, but you will have access to the entire course as soon as you buy it. Each week introduces a new concept, and a new practice. 

You'll receive a kundalini yoga practice, mindfulness prompts, articles to read, and two guided meditations. You'll learn a powerful communication practice, and learn how anger is sometimes necessary to protect our human rights. 
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Table of Contents

Welcome to the course
How to Transform Your Anger
Week One: pruning the tree of anger
Learning not to react to anger
Notice your triggers
Using a Gatha
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Fists of Anger - Kundalini Yoga
Week Two: uprooting the tree of anger
Understanding anger through NonViolent Communication
1) Exploring Feelings
2) Exploring Needs
3) Asking for what you need
This Week's Practice
MRxAnger_roots of anger.mp3
12 mins
Week Three: finding the medicine
Wrathful compassion
This Week's Practice
15 mins
Final thoughts: becoming the Peacock
You are on your way

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