Free yourself from the suffering caused by anxiety. 


Everyone experiences anxiety, but for many of us, we need extra support in learning to live with it. 

Meditation can help with anxiety in a number of ways:
  • breathing practices help to correct the fight-or-flight response in the body
  • mindfulness teaches us that our thoughts are temporary, and that we don't have to get caught up in an anxiety spiral 
  • learn to be your own support system, with affirmations and self-compassion
  • meditation is proven to not only help us be more calm in the moment - but off the cushion, and in our daily lives too. 

Research based + Compassion focused

When you enroll in the course, you will receive four weeks of materials. Each week will introduce a new way of investigating your self-care for your body, mind and soul. You will also get a new mindfulness or meditation practice to try. By the end of the four weeks, you will have a new arsenal of habits to support you in your healing journey

If you commit to trying these practices each day for 28 days, you will see a positive difference in the way that you feel, think and react. 

I am committed to offering support to my students, so you can contact me at any time while you are working through the course, with questions or even to just check in and let me know about your progress! 

What's included?

File Icon 4 files Text Icon 10 text files


Welcome to the course
You are not your anxiety
Week One
Self-care ideas
This Week's Practice
8 mins
Week Two
Journaling Prompts
This Week's Practice
11 mins
Week Three
Journaling Prompts
This Week's Practice
12 mins
Week Four
Journaling Prompts
This Week's Practice
22 mins


How long do I have the course?

Once you have purchased the course you have full access to all the content forever. 

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